About do(hot mess)ticated

Welcome to do(hot mess)ticated! I’m Ashleigh. I’m glad you are here, and it is so nice to meet you.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way (not that I didn’t enjoy them), we should probably get down to business. First things first, there is something really important you need to know about me! Are you ready?

I do not, nor have I ever, quite had it together.


This is not a blog about perfect home decorating or impeccable organizing or presentation-worthy plating or no-fail mommying, although how much fun would that be amiright? This is a blog about a life constantly in a fabulous state of chaos, fueled by caffeine, adrenaline, and undereye concealer. A life where there is nothing a solid dose of gossip and an overpriced cocktail can’t fix. A life dedicated to the impressive challenge of preserving a squeaky clean track record while simultaneously indulging an innate compulsion for mischief, and where the biggest accomplishments include upholding a mediocre level of class and earning a passing grade in maintaining dignity. A life that is beautiful in all its disheveled glory.

The last 27 years have been a cluttered, spontaneous, superficially sophisticated, semi-glamorous ride. In summary, it has been a hot mess.

And that was just fine. That is, until life flipped my world upside down by dropping a surprise in my lap in the form of a  hilariously adorable, blonde, blue-eyed, handsome ball of a good time.


And now, without any sort of a warning, I’m married, I’ve left my big girl job, we’ve packed up our little dog and everything we own, and we moved 3000 miles across the country! And as it would turn out, I’ve got a whole lot to learn and a severe lack of coordination with which to do it. As much as I would love to be polished and put together, I’ve decided it’s time to leave that to the pros. So here we are on do(hot mess)ticated, a blog dedicated to life, love, and happy accidents. To those of us who (don’t quite) have our shit together.

In other words, I’m still a hot mess, and here goes nothing. This is gonna be GOOD.

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