Choosing Wisely: Simple Thoughtfulness Or Marriage and Babies?

Big exciting things are happening today! Bill and I have yet to spend a Christmas day together, and unfortunately, this year will not be our year either. But that’s okay, because like many other couples, we declare a day sometime before the holiday our honorary Christmas. And that day…

Is today! Merry Christmas, everyone!

An honorary Christmas picture from last year:


There will be a lot of orchestrating going on today. I have a BIG surprise planned for Bill, and I am really excited about it. I can’t reveal it yet because sometimes the sneaky little bugger checks my blog, but I can say that this year is a lot different. Last Christmas was our first together, and you could tell. We both were crazy over what to get each other, as it was my second big present-requiring occasion  (his birthday was first) and his first as a couple. So needless to say, exasperation was rampant and many an opinion was gathered before taking the plunge. It’s amazing how stressful it can be finding that painstakingly perfect gift for a new to semi-new significant other. Is this enough? Did I spend too much? Do you think this conveys just the right amount of thought to express how I’m feeling, or does it say “IKNOWIT’SWAYTOOEARLYBUTIWANTTOGETMARRIEDANDHAVEYOURBABIESTOMORROW!!!!!!”

So there’s that.

But like I said this earlier, this year the pressure was off. We seem to know each other substantially better, and I thoroughly enjoyed picking out a gift that would mean a lot to the Billy in my life. (And since he decided to propose in June, the whole scaring him away with marriage and babies thing is sort of off the table by his own doing…)

Now, don’t get me wrong – it still took awhile to figure out what would be perfect for him. To begin with, he never really asks for much, and when he does, I POUNCE. So I did spend awhile looking for nice leather messenger bags, since he casually mentioned one night that he could really use one for work. Commence obsessive online searching for bag with said criteria. But I am a huge proponent of thoughtful gifts with lots of personal meaning, and after a week or two of looking, plus a near-decision, I got off the whole work bag thing pretty suddenly.

And then it hit me. I knew exactly what to get him. And now after hiding things ALL OVER the house as they arrived over the last few weeks, I am beyond excited to put it all together. So, what is it, you ask? Oh, I’ll tell you… but first I’ve got a day of covert mission-ing to do. I can’t wait!

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