Another Newlywed First

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

And what an interesting one it has been so far. Bill and I are apart today – he is at work and I am in San Francisco for the weekend of a lifetime at the Wisdom 2.0 conference (!!!). I have been pretty sick with the weirdest flu all week, so that’s been fun. We decided to celebrate last night with a three-course meal at the local OG (Olive Garden, of course), after which I showered, packed, popped some NyQuil and proceeded to pass out. We also decided not to do presents this year. Despite all that, today is still a special day. It’s out first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife!

Two thoughts on that:

1) It’s really strange to find yourself in the “Husband” section of the Valentine’s cards, and even stranger to find that it doesn’t feel that strange.

2) I’ve decided that having Bill as my Valentine for all the Valentine’s Days to come for the rest of forever is, in fact, a great thing.

So dear world, I would like your forgiveness in the sappiness that is about to occur:

I love you Billy, and I couldn’t imagine another Valentine’s Day without you.


Figuratively, of course.


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